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2017 FALL 2nd 7.5 Weeks
HPH330/Lecture/01 - Contemporary Moral Problems | Credits 3.00
This course examines a wide range of issues in applied ethics, focusig on rehetorical strateies employed in contemporary debate. Topics include abortion, euthanasia, sexual freedom, cloning and reproductive technologies, global warming and the environment, cyber-ethics, pacifism, drones and technological warfare, animal rights, sweatships and world poverty, drug legalization, racism and the police state, and capital punishmentadn the prision industrial complex. Different methods of persuasion will be considered, including philosophical and legal arguement; political rhetoric, talking points, and advertising; old and new media; and film, music, and art.

Registration Type Traditional
Fees N/A
Instructors Schoenberg, Lisa P
Duration 10/19/2017 - 12/15/2017
Schedule MW  5:00 PM - 7:30 PM;  Cheyney University, Marian Anderson, Room 221
Prerequisites N/A
Corequisites N/A
Credit Types Credit
Class 50 Seats | 43 Remaining
Open (Minimum Met)

Primary population and other student populations allowed to register for this course:
 Primary Population# Others Allowed# Others Registered
Campus  Cheyney Univ/Main Campus500
Program  Undergraduate00
Department  Human & Communicatio507
Curriculum  Fine Arts507