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Degree Requirements

All students should work with their academic advisor to learn more about their degree requirements and to ensure that they remain on track for graduation.

Students are encouraged to use the free elective category to add a minor or pursue a double major, which both deepens and broadens their knowledge and skills.

The following conditions are required to graduate in all undergraduate degree programs:

  • 42 credits of advanced coursework is required which are completed with upper level courses. (ref. BOG Policy 1990-06-A)
  • Intensive Courses in Writing (W)(6 credits), African American Heritage (A)(3 credits), Information Literacy (I)(3 credits) and Global Studies (G)(3 credits) are required to enhance your overall degree. These courses may be taken in your major, general education or free electives. Search for them each term in the Section Search option based on the General Education attribute filter.
  • Credits earned in developmental courses where the course number is below 100, are for skill building purposes and do not count towards the 120-credits minimum required for your degree.