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To submit an application to our school, please complete the following form and select Submit Application.

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NOTE: If you have an issue submitting your application, please send an email to

Personal Information

NOTE:The Federal Privacy Act of 1974 requires that you be notified that disclosure of your Social Security Number is voluntary and is not required to determine admission. Your Social Security Number will be used to match your application with your SAT/ACT Test Scores and/or Financial Aid information so failure to provide it may affect your eligibility for financial aid and may delay decision of admission. Your social security number is also used to report your educational expenses to the Internal Revenue Service to verify any education-related deductions you may claim on your federal income taxes.

Address Information
    Please enter your permanent home address first.
Contact Information

Please enter your preferred contact information first.

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Demographic Information
Ethnicity and Race Information
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    American Indian or Alaska Native
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    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Citizenship Information

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Government Information
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Enrollment Information
  1. Program Enrollment Status

All Graduate degrees are offered at the Cheyney University/Philadelpia Center City Campus only.

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Residency Preference
Emergency Contacts

Please list at least one person to contact in case of an emergency on your behalf.

Education History

NOTE: Please note, any institution that you provide, an official copy of your transcript will need to be provided that comes directly from that institution in a sealed envelope. Failure to do so, will delay in your acceptance to Cheyney University.

  1. Degrees/Diploma


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Please list any relatives that are alumni of Cheyney University.

Felony Conviction

NOTE: A conviction is an adjudication of guilt and includes pleas of nolo contender (no contest). Please disregard: minor traffic violations, offenses committed before your 18th birthday which were adjudicated in juvenile court under a Youth Offender Law, and any charges which have been expunged by a court or for which you successfully completed an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program. If yes, please state the felony offense, the date of conviction and provide relevant information concerning the felony conviction.

NOTE: A “yes” answer will be reported to the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) if the applicant receives PHEAA aid. A “yes” answer will not necessarily bar admission to the University, but it may limit the ability to enroll in or complete certain academic majors/programs and may affect approval to live in university-owned or university-affiliated housing.

NOTE: If you marked yes that you received a felony, after you select the Submit Application button, you will be required to attach a summary (either in Word or PDF), stating the extent of the crime and the dispostion of it. Failure to do so will result in a delay in your application being moved further in the application process.

Disciplinary Actions

NOTE: A YES answer may not necessarily bar admission to the University, but it may affect approval to live in university owned or university affiliated housing. If you answer YES, please attach a statement to the application which states the name of the institution of higher education, the reason for the dismissal or suspension, the date the dismissal or suspension occurred and provide relevant information concerning the dismissal or suspension.

NOTE:Prior to admission, transfer applicants may be requird to complete a release of information that allows the intended State System University to obtain disciplinary records from any previously attended institution of higher education. Failure to execute a release of information by the applicant may result in the denial of admission.

School Policy
  1. By submitting this application I am certifying that the information provided on this application is true to the best of my ability. I understand that my omission or misrepresentation of facts or failure to furnish information to the Office of Admissions may invalidate consideration of this application and/or acceptance to the University. Application Policy

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